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In an effort to continue Openbravo’s rapidly growing presence in the US, Paskon is keen to help any ClearDrop’s clientele to ensure they have business continuity with no service disruptions.

Choose Paskon to meet your immediate and future Openbravo needs

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Irrespective of where your ERP journey stands right now, Paskon is committed to help all customers of ClearDrop. From implementations, upgrades, new deployments, support and on-going maintenance, Paskon has won the trust of many clients by providing state-of-art service and offerings handled by Openbravo certified experts.

Paskon is an innovative leader with rich history in delivering successful ERP implementations globally across multiple platforms that extends Openbravo.Paskon has helped successfully deliver solutions effectively across a range of industry segments irrespective of sizes with key focus on both SME’s and Large enterprises.

Our clients have no regrets choosing us to move forward with. Contact our solutions team today to find out more:

Orena Perry

Business Development Officer

Phone: (248) 440-2334


Emmanuel Jackson

Account Manager (Product Sales)


Phone: (248) 455-6324