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A team of automotive SAP consultants with hands on HANA knowledge have developed an innovative, customizable warranty management solution. Of course, warranty is a cost to an enterprise and same time it facilitates organization in retaining and acquiring customer. The high cost of managing the warranty business processes are because of lack of integration and automation.

As per study, cost of warranty operations management could be reduced by 55% through improvement in operation process and product development.

Paskon’s operations excellence and analytical services enables manufacturing organization in improving business processes and same time in quality of the product too.

Efficient Warranty Business Process: Automated claim validates reduce claim processing time, reduction in duplicate &    fraudulent claims

Quality: Close monitoring on the root cause of the problem, improves the quality of reduce claims, early detection and    correction in the parts

Financial: Variance analytics against budgeted and actual, supplier against defective parts, and decreased warranty operation    costs

Paskon’s experience and reach can be leveraged to build a global, reactive surveillance system, collecting and consolidating masses of quality information,analysed to identify statistically significant exceptions in failure rates.


cmPlify WarrantyTM

cmPlify WarrantyTM, Paskon’s scalable and modular warranty solutions provides an agile framework to integrate the entire warrant supply chain. cmPlify Warranty provides flexible and predictive dashboard analytics that enables fast and accurate decision making for immediate and tangible results.

The solution is modular in nature and can be adapted to suit your specific landscape and future needs. The solution is compatible with the SAP’s latest solution stack and works with the latest user interfaces like SAP Lumira. The pre-configured dashboards can be customized to suit specific requirements.

The deployment options include integrating SAP HANA with your existing BI/ECC, deployment of SAP Customer Service and host of other options. The solution is cloud ready. Amongst various cloud options, Paskon offers this as a services model, enabling you to focus just on the solution and drive maximum savings in Warranty Management.

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