IS Automotive - Paskon, Inc.


Paskon COE has excellent hand in automotive industry expertise to support client’s global delivery & strategic solutions. A wide range of consulting and customer support services for all phases of implementation and on-going support including Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) is offered to bring in the business outcomes and results

Paskon Offerings & Solutions:

1) Creating appropriate interfaces between systems for vendor and customers to ensure smooth flow of PO’s and SO’s for an efficient product & inventory management

2) Paskon has the ability in implementing IS-DIMP (Discrete Industries & Mill Products) solutions at major OEMs and Suppliers. We provide help to accelerate configuration and prototyping, pre-configured objects include:

3) Paskon leverages solutions through Product Life cycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Warranty Management. In addition, enhanced ability to address JIT/KANBAN to improve the flow and ensure quality assurance

4) Make to Order (MTO) helps you streamline, accelerate, and automate your processes for manufacturing a large volume of highly configured components. Paskon develops processes & solutions to avoid non-value-added asset wastages and inventory management

5) A strategic partner like Paskon could provide an IT solution that would help plan, optimise and efficiently use resources to lower costs and achieve better margins

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