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Paskon’s well-experienced SAP Solution Architects with a decade of experience in Business Intelligence (BI) tools will help you create blueprints uniquely tailored for different business requirements of your organizations. Our global delivery teams will also ensure the end-to-end implementation meets the need of all stakeholders and the management for better decision making.

Once operational, ERP applications produce and use significant volumes of data for business analytics. Having a data strategy, backed with a scalable and robust analytics strategy is a key for driving maximum ROI from your ERP investments.

Our custom industry solutions bring forward key metrics, KPIs, reports using SAP Lumira®, can be quickly customized to suit specific needs to leverage our in-depth solution models for Product Costing, Profitability Analysis, Sales Analysis, Inventory Aging, Accounts Payables and other areas. Creating specific BI contents help provide deep insights into your S&OP metrics, Capacity Utilization metrics, Productivity Analysis etc..

Paskon Offerings

  • Business Strategy

    Roadmaps, Tool/Platform Evaluation, Pre-assessment services.

  • Solutions Development

    Design, develop, and implement BI solutions that helps achieve business objectives.

  • Application Migration

    BI migration and upgrade services can help organizations maximize the benefits they receive from their investments, while minimizing any disruptions and risks.

  • Data Integration

    Integrating structured and unstructured data from different data sources (including legacy databases and other systems).

  • Application Upgrades

    Design and develop roadmaps for BI/BO upgrades.

  • Managed BI Delivery Program

    Co-ordinate BI lifecycle activities and provide managed support for the entire BI environment

  • Pre-defined Accelerators

  • Testing Services with
    Support and Maintenance


Today mobile technology has untethered businesses from fixed location, unlocked immense value and unleashed innovative solutions to further help organizations.Paskon’s mobility solutions enable organizations to be highly productive and customer enteric by making the information available to the right person at the right time on a simple click.

Paskon offerings:

  • Consulting

    •Product strategy
    •Technology selection,Adoption,Go-to-market
    •Design Blueprint

  • App Development

    •From Idea to Launch
    •Agile/waterfall methodology based on need

  • App Testing

    •End to end Mobility testing
    •Specialized Test lab for Usability & Security

  • Device management

    •Over the air distribution of
    application & data
    •Troubleshooting & Quick deployment


Big Data

Take Charge of your Data:

Paskon’s Big Data & Analytics services provides solutions that can help organizations make the most of on the transformational potential of Big Data and develop key actionable insights from their data.

Having implemented for both large and SME’s enterprises, we have effectively implemented many transactional systems across various industry segments mainly into Automotive and Manufacturing industries. Our business domain expertise coupled with excellent technical competencies enables us to define a Big Data strategy for your organization, and help enterprises defining ‘What data is good & what data is bad’. We help integrate Big Data into your overall IT roadmap, architect and implement a solution and empower your business.

Paskon Facts:

For businesses to overcome in handling and dealing with huge amount of data sets (Big data) on everyday operations, Paskon has developed predefined templates using SAP’s HANA platform which crunches zeta bytes of data volumes for quick and accurate answers to huge business problems. Paskon’s SAP HANA CoE utilizes the industries best practices, trends and analytic tools combining Mobile, Cloud and in-memory HANA solutions.

  • Rich talent resources and certified SAP HANA consultants globally

  • Our expertise include Implementation, upgrades, inbuilt use cases, process consulting

  • We apply perfectly various on-site models to build cost-effective analytic solutions

  • We have an excellent in-house COE using cutting edge Analytic trends

Paskon’s HANA capabilities:

Implementation Services
Upgrade Services
Process Consulting
Ready to deploy use-cases
Implementation use-cases
Agile HANA deployments solution
Testing Services



Paskon enables customization and extension of the SAP solutions to include customer specific business scenarios. Our proprietary tools and accelerators offer rapid delivery of the end-to-end solution leading to significant cost savings and satisfied customers. In addition to delivering complete, customized end-to-end manufacturing solutions in SAP, Paskon offers differentiated solutions in the following industry verticals using the respective.

SAP Industry Specific Solutions:

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • Automotive

  • Transportation

  • Utilities

Paskon’s deep experience in providing SAP solutions has enabled us to develop accelerators for commonly required reports, interfaces, customizations, enhancements and forms. These can be quickly customized to suit customer specific requirements.

Our accelerators include the following areas:

    • Product Compliance
    • Product Development
    • Sourcing and Procurement of Indirect Material
    • Sourcing and Contract Management for Direct and Indirect Material
    • Lean Manufacturing Operations
    • Make-to-Order (MTO) Manufacturing
    • Asset Management

Paskon solutions for SAP are ready for SAP HANA® and can be deployed with minimal changes.Paskon is currently working on the proof of concepts for SAP Business Warehouse migration to SAP HANA® and the migration of the SAP Enterprise applications on the HANA platform.

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