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It’s all about time to market, maximizing ROI, and being able to deliver world class customer support. The challenges in the consumer products industry include the need to expand product portfolios, improving the relationship with customers, developing and updating complex distribution channels, and compliance with traceability and reporting regulations. Of course, doing all this while reducing costs!

Our Retail solutions provides integrated Point-of-Sale (POS) and store management capabilities accessible via web, mobile and other handheld devices. It helps business be organized for any changes coming to from the web, mobile, or cloud with a centralized system that is easily scalable and extensible.

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Paskon has built dedicated teams around each industry we serve, tapping professionals who have spent years in senior positions with leading companies. Their experience brings a strategic and practical perspective on what works, what doesn’t, and what trends will last.

Paskon’s consultants work with each client to develop quantifiable business cases, which ensure the right deliverables, and goals.Paskon consulting services strives to deliver faster decisions, achieve measurable results quickly and attain sustainable ROI.

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